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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 6, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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the dow not a bad day off 16 points and way off when you consider the last week, and there is the final bell which begins to toll 15 seconds before the markets close down solid for the day. and neil cavuto will have that beginning now. have a great afternoon. i am shephard smith. neil cavuto houston we could have a problem. a sticking point as a rush for a tax deal. could it be a dealbreaker? the president is meeting this hour with democratic leaders of the white house trying to hammer out a tax cut deal as early as tomorrow and the white house would only say negotiations are "still in progress," as negotiators are making progress. at the center of the fight is the president's push to extend the "making work pay tax credit," $400 for individuals and $800 for couples and the
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total cough $61 billion smackers. the president wants it even for folks who do not make enough money to pay taxes and say what you will about extending the bush tax cuts for upper income my guest those at least those folks pay taxes and it has former godfather c.e.o. raising trouble. and at the white house we are waiting and it is possible that the negotiators will come out and talk to the press. there a microphone set up ... and i fine it surprising if they pass a microphone but you never know. so, we could have a fly in the ointment. >>guest: the most point thing is to extend the tax cuts for everybody. and if the --. >>neil: at all costs. >>guest: exactly the biggest danger of not passing the rates are the small business people that will be exacted who make
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more than $255,000 when they rub to the subchapter s corporations and i see the things the president is trying to get as "back door welfare," that is what it is so he will have something to brag about when he is ready to run for re-election. make work pay. back door welfare. "cash for clunkers", back door welfare. and that was $200 billion. >>neil: and you are a bill air success and now there is a fear that both sides are trying to rush it and you have talk me anyone who tries to rush it usually regrets it. >>guest: passing the current tax rate is rushing. they have had nine years. >>neil: but rushing, something they may regret later. >>guest: possibly but the politics of it says that it is more -- two weeks ago i wrote saying why not just let obama win this, let him win one, he
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wants the tax credits, it is back door welfare. >>neil: when you say let him win one, if that is part of the price of getting the cuts extended. >>guest: so be it but i would negotiate arrested to get them extended indefinitely longer than, say, one or two careers. business dozen not plan for a one or two year cycle when they are making big investments. little investment, yes. but it does not solve the real problem. >>neil: but that is profound. would it kill republicans to let the president win one? so both sides feel they get something. >>guest: the president could say look what i got for the middle help class, i got the i make work pay," extended. if he said oh these tax rates could be done for three years businesses would then look at making three-year investment.
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>>neil: would they really? >>guest: yes, yes, yes. >>neil: fox business network has been on top of this. and you get fox business, of course? >>guest: of course! >>neil: and they are looking likely at an extension of two years, ideally three, that is, republicans. but it will likely be two years but some of the other stuff has been thrown in there and if this would torpedo republicans are floating payroll holiday, no taxes for a day or something along those lines throwing a lot at this. so that means to me that there is some confusion as to how quickly they get this. >>guest: that is the issue. unfortunately, they cannot extend the calendar. and things run out at the end of december. this is what is so yeaz -- crazy. my question is, why not do both, including the payroll tax holiday. just the tax extension and the
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back door welfare will not generate jobs. >>neil: they have credits. >>guest: that is more welfare through the back door like they are trying to do back door single-payer health care system but through the back door rather than being honest with the american people. >>shepard: are you running for president? >>guest: i am prayerly considering. >>neil: you have said that before. has anyone asked you? >>guest: i am prayerly considering and we are looking at doing an exploratory committee real soon. >>neil: really? >>guest: really. an exploratory committee says that you are serious enough that you are putting together your resources, evaluating grass roots support, evaluating financial resources that you need and you are evaluating the political landscape so, yes, we could be talking about an exploratory committee. >>shepard: -- >>neil: if you
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announce on hannity our friendship is over. even cancer could not stop this guy. the president is meeting with the democratic leaders trying to hammer out a tax deal but if nancy pelosi, is she bending? the speaker has been reluctant to go along. any chance that could be changing? the managing editor of, how has this passed? >>guest: she knows she does not have the votes, the obama tax plan got through the house but not through the senate so it is leverage. slow wants the unemployment benefits extended as long as she can and she will be speaker for not much longer, a month, so she knows she can see the handwriting on the wall she wants the best deal possible because when they strike the deal, everyone will be saying would got the better and it is a lot of leverage as we go into the final couple of days of negotiations. >>neil: the impression is that the president was the one would
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blinked, and by extension, nancy pelosi, although she did not want to do this, and she locks like they contained to republicans, so, how do you avoid that impression? is it too late? >>guest: it is too late to some degree. the white house knows that the last liberals will be very frustrated with that, the last couple of days we have seen quotes from barney frank who has indicated not being happy with the white house and they want a tougher line negotiating a better deal but the white house wants to get this u.s. and russia arms treaties done and get the tax cuts done and as part of the deal they get unemployment benefits and the start treaty that has been pending for a while, so, right now the white house is just trying to minimize the damage, the criticism from the left. they need cover from nancy pelosi but i don't mow if they will get it from her lieutenants like barney frank.
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>>neil: or nancy herself. thank you very much, bob, and will nancy pelosi be the only one feeling left out? >> all are saying the president is a disaster, giving away too much and now, simply way too much for them to take. to the lead who says the president should be counting his blessings, and she is a lady. great to see you. >> and if people do not know you, and i cannot imagine that, you started out as a hillary clinton backer, and never a big fan of the president, but what if he does tick off nancy pelosi, the rich, and should it matter? >>guest: that is the best thing that he can do and it is great politics for him, and maybe he is taking a page out of the book of bill clinton. he should have dinner with bill
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clinton and realize that he has to talk more about creating growth and creating wealth rather than spreading wealth. and if he stops the class warfare and does a moderate move, this not an extraordinary move, to let the tax cut be extended for much, but it is a good first step, it is showing he doesn't want to do anything to stand in the way of the recovery which is so shaky. and, also, he cannot afford to increase taxes, the economy gets worse, and then he really gets blamed. >>neil: moderates agree and certainly republicans agree but there are liberals like nancy pelosi that do not agree and he risks taking the energy out of that portion of the party, something to consider f he loses that, you are saying you gabe a moderate base, you pull a bill clinton and have a great moment where you unite beyond that.
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but do you? >>guest: it is the beginning, what the moderates who voted for president obama hoped would happen. so if he does that, that is good but he has to do the rest of bill clinton, cutting spending, bill clinton cut regulation. remember when al gore put the regulations on the lawn of the white house and said we are taking a machete to all of these? he has to put into gear all these things. >>neil: is it your sense this is a problem growing in the democratic party? in the moderate wing. that is particularly pronounced now and the tax issue for the wealthy is doing it. >>guest: well, the thing that broke my heart about the democrats was that they abandoned the center. when they went with pelosi, obama, reid, and when they had
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control of the congress and the white house they plainly said we won the election, we are going to write the laws. and now the people of america have raised their heads again and the question is, can the democrats prove they can really be in the center. and the center doesn't mean half of one bad idea and half of another, the center means common sense ideas regardless of where they come from. so, just because appear idea is a republican idea such as cutting spending it should not be lethal for a democrat to go along with spending cut program. >>neil: the president is trying to move the ball forward. >>guest: the question is, does he understand that american dream? that sauce that makes america great. that we are a country --. >>neil: then you would be back
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to supporting him fully? >>guest: well ... i hope and pray we have a president who understands america's goodness and greatness. >>neil: thank you very much. all right, the precious metal is soaring $10 an ounce and i am so glad i get my wife costume jewelry and up 29 percent this year and gold is considered safe at certain times and fears of inflation, this runs up and maybe this tax cut thing had something to do with this. i like being out with people so much that we are headed out on the road. many people, in fact, recommending me do this, to get out on the road. on friday we will be at the white house. we will be with the biggest names in politics and the biggest tax fight including virginia republican governor,
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and democrat senator from virginia, senator wanter, and senator dorgan from north carolina, talked about extending for two years and a week from wednesday we will hit a mall as the height of the holiday shopping season. whose idea was this? i will be there shopping for my wife. and a week from this friday, back on the street gauging the pulse of members from the best city in the world. people hand me stuff and gives me stuff. and cannot repeal it, let states deal with it, a new republican plan to take on health care law has the tea party doing a grand old jig. and why this is a new face behind a hybrid push, and that is fabio.
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>> no repeal, introduce a bill that gives states more power to fight the health care law, which means no repeal. and a dallas tea partier on this alternate. what do you make of this? this is only so much you can do in white house we will cut it off at pass in the other states. >> anything to limit obamacare and coming to fruition, that is welcome. but, what the tea party expects and demands is a full repeal of obamacare. but, we know that president obama certainly is going to veto any legislation that comes across the desk and we will limit it to minimize it and defund it and kill it off in
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2012. that is the plan. >>neil: i see something changed over the weekend, that they assessd what is going on, and we mentioned and it we have talked about it, you still have democratic president and democrats control of the senate and the numbers are prohibitive for democrats in the house of representatives, when you control two out of three of the major branches of government you have the wind at your back for protecting great crowning achievement whether people like it or not, health care. so by going to the states and one by one ticking this off, starving it off, how long does that take? >>guest: it will take a while. there are 21 states that have legislation and they are in the court to do away with obamacare. listen, this is 70 percent of americans did not want obamacare. i don't know what part of the townhall meetings the democrats missed when people were yelling and screaming. they decided to push that down the throat of the americans it
4:19 pm
is not going to last. i would prefer the republicans buck up and join the rodeo and pass legislation in the house of representatives and send it to the senate and let the democrats vote if they still support obamacare. if they did not take notice of the past election they may this time otherwise they will be in a political siberia. face it. america does not want obamacare. >>neil: and let me switch gears on the tax bill but it would involve extending the tax cuts for the well-to-do at least another couple of years but the price is also taking a lot of the president's tax credits and incentives and for many individuals who do not pay taxes at all athis point. and, and, and, extending unemployment benefits; how do you feel about that? >>guest: listen, as a tea partier and we are the largest tea party in the country in
4:20 pm
dallas, we want massive change in washington, dc. we want to see the monster credited the past generation to be cut to size and we do not want to send politicians or leaders with scalp ams but we want chain saws so for tax cuts they are part of that, and we are not necessarily antitax as a tea party movement but we have to see dramatic cuts. >>neil: would you be assayed earlier in the broadcast, if this is what it takes to score the deal, fine, deal with it. >>guest: we don't have a revenue problem in washington, dc. we have a spending problem. you can keep increasing taxes, but what our leaders have shown in the past they have for ability to not spend money. and until we see that, they will be hard pressed getting the tea party to go along with a tax increase. >>neil: thank you. have a merry christmas.
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>>neil: that guy has a great sense of humor but i cannot believe that fabio can it is in one of the cars. he is a big guy, with muscles. and he is actor and model and starring in a new public service announcement for electric vehicles. >> i am electric and socially responsible.
4:25 pm
advertising. time to spend money. to look like i care, too. i actually profit from destroying the planet but with my billions i pump up my green image. >> the balding eagle will always have a home. >> cut. >> cut. looks like you are being replaced. >> he is great to cover more than 400 romance novels, and i have been on 300. he is known to the world simply as fabio, fabio. good to have you. >> thank you for having me, long time no see you. >>neil: why are you doing this? no offense, but i don't see you in one of these cars. >>guest: no, i tell you first of all this is all american
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company, chrysler, partnering up with fiat, and great technology, electric calls to be more independent from foreign oil. and i tell you, i'm a speed maniac and i love speed and i always have fast cars and i was amazed how fast a car like that. a ferrari can go 0 to 60 in 3.9 seconds and this can do it in a small time. >>neil: but you are tall guy and there is no way you can fit. >>guest: i can fit. also, i --. >>neil: i do not believe you. >>guest: i was surprised myself. i was surprised. >>neil: tell you truth you did not have much room. you had to use "i can't believe it's better." >>guest: let me tell you, the car is amazing. the only downfall in a down side
4:27 pm
is it takes 3 1/2 hours to recharge the car. but now they have what is called bays all over. >>neil: why didn't they show you in the car in the ad? >>guest: well, if you look on your tube there is a video of me driving the car and being in the car. >>neil: do we have that? i didn't know that. i see the ad where you come in, you know ... i didn't, okay. >>guest: that's the commercial. i am 6' 3" and i can fit. they will come out with a sedan, that version will be in 2011 and it is a great car. you do not have to rechange brake pads and rotors because it is electric. >>neil: people do not realize about you, you were green before anyone was grown, you were eating healthy doing the right
4:28 pm
thing and i think you swore off soda and alcohol and work out a couple hours a day so you are a perfect go to do this but ... what --. >>guest: i believe in america. america is still the best country in the world. you know, if you think about it, it is like, you know, empires, other entires 2,000 or 3,000 years of culture and america, only 200 years old, and in 150 careers america did what no country in the world ever done before. you know, with technology. >>neil: i am telling you, as a friend, i don't think the politic in car thing is going to work, i think it's just a dumb idea if someone comes up with a hybrid you do not have to plug in, and by the way i home i am wrong because for all the money we as taxpayers in this country have gone to subsidizing this i hope it does take off but i don't think it will do well. prove me wrong.
4:29 pm
>>guest: let me tell you i am a high performance car guy so, all my cars --. >>neil: i am a minivan guy but continue. >>guest: i was surprised. you know? each day in your life you have to be open to learn and i was totally surprised. i was like you, come on, an extra car, electric car it will never work, forget it, we are too far from the technology. it is not true. they work. i was sproized about the performance. this car that can go, speed up faster than a ferrari and --. >>neil: with you in it? >>guest: yes, with me in it i swear to you. >>neil: okay, okay, great. do you still get recognized? you have not aged at all. hats off to you. what are you doing? do people, remember all the romance novels, and the commercials? what do you do?
4:30 pm
>>guest: i keep healthy, i don't drink and i keep, i work out and i eat healthy. everyone is looking for thedown table of youth and that is in front of you, eat healthy, don't drink, and you have a good life, good sense of humor, take life lightly do in the stress and you will be young forever. i am telling you. simple as that. what helped me to live healthy if the moment. >>neil: you must like president obama's push for healthy eating. what do you make of that? >>guest: the guy smokes. the guy smokes. >>neil: besides that. >>guest: he is not into health. the guy smokes. come on. >>neil: well, everybody else he is doing okay. you don't buy it?
4:31 pm
>>guest: no, no, no, no, no. listen i come from europe. i don't want this country to go in the way europe went. unfortunately, i believe in the american people i don't believe in the politician. the politicians have ruined the rest of the world. this is the only country left on the place, on this planet who still thinks, who still works. we don't want to rue init but keep it the way it is. it is called the person dream, not the european dream or the asian dream, but it is called the american dream and there is a reason for it. >>neil: fabio, i am sorry, i don't mean to not be polite, because you have a health image and a worldwide recognizable face do you ever go in a restaurant in disguise and pig out on junk? >>guest: i don't like junk. >>neil: really? a little bit? >>guest: no. no. i didn't grow up with
4:32 pm
mcdonald's and burger king so i never miss it. >>neil: god bless you. and you mean it. because i know you well enough to ... i hate that. but i admire you, fabio. i want to get the video of you in this car but that i don't believe. be well. very good to see you. from fabio. >>guest: great to see you. let me tell you about a very important phone call i made.
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>>neil: we have news to pass long concerning elizabeth edwards, former north carolina senator edwards wife, they split up. but they are family now is saying doctors have advised her that further cancer treatment would be if their words "unproductive." her cancer was diagnosed early in 2004 campaign, remember when he was john kerry's running mate, and breast cancer then that later expanded to, i believe, the liver but the latest word from the doctors is further treatment would be "unproductive." our prayers are with her and the kids and family. today, speaking designate boehner backing representative
4:37 pm
flake for a position. and he has never earmarked a pork project at all and a lot of people, congressman, have urged you to run the whole thing, this committee, did this come up? >>guest: well, i am trying to get on the panel. it would be nice and it would show we are committed to reform if we create a new subcommittee, on appropriations and on investigations and i would love to chair that, but i hope this we can change the culture of the committee. >>neil: how would you feel if whoever takes over the committee, has a record of support for earmarks in different ways? >>guest: well, unfortunately, everyone on the committee countrily has supported earmarks in the past so it would be difficult to have a chairman of the committee that hasn't earmarked. the committee is, to make sure in the future we go a different direction which is why it is point to put a couple of conservatives on the panel, fiscal conservatives and create
4:38 pm
a new subcommittee and charge it with doing investigations so we can find out what we need to cut. >>neil: congressman, the reason i mention this, the top three who we mentioned by name, they have all pushed a lot of earmarks, the least among them was $65 million or so and if you add this up it is a lot of change. they all have earmarked in their past but is there a difference between having some and having a heck of a lot because those three have a heck of a lot. >>guest: well, if you have been on the commission by definition you have been earmarking. so we are going to have to change direction and i think the key is, as i mentioned, to go chart a different course now and until we not only have fiscal conservatives to join the panel we need a separate subcommittee that focuses on investigation. we will have to make some deep, deep cuts in popular programs and unless we lay the gruppedz
4:39 pm
work for it, it will be difficult to do. >>neil: congressman, thank you very much. >>guest: thank you for having me. >>neil: law mayors like to say how messy it is to make the sausage in washington, but we have a sausage maker who is offended. [ technician ] are you busy? management just sent over these new technical manuals. they need you to translate them into portuguese. by tomorrow. [ male announcer ] ducati knows it's better for xerox to manage their global publications. so they can focus on building amazing bikes. with xerox, you're ready for real business.
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>> they say lawmaking is like making sausage, you like the way it tastes but to not want to see it going on. >> not the most popular thing when people watch it on television this sort of sausage making aspect. >> it will not be pretty. like sausage making. >> and now the sausage maker who is offended and not happen about comparison. the president of simply sausage. you have heard this over the many months and now you say "enough." why? >>guest: well, because i think that what i do is a skilled
4:43 pm
craft. we work with beautiful ingredients, high quality spices, and high quality meats and we treat everything carefully and based on my many years here in washington, what i see going on does not look very pretty at all and what comes out is not that tasty. >>neil: for those that are not familiar and having been around this and seeing how it is made depending on the sausage maker it is not bad but you would say sometimes we are not as: the detail or quality conscious as you are. >>guest: well, i avoid that with high standards of, for my product and i emphasize a lot of control over the qualities. we inspect the in growedent when they come in. we buy from high quality producers, i have visited the family farms where the pork is raised. i know about the farms where my
4:44 pm
beef comes from. i have an excellent spice dealer. i groind the spices myself. and as we are producing, we take samples that we taste to make sure that everything is okay. and it happened very carefully but maybe once a year we find a batch we don't like and we don't sell it. we don't release its. >>neil: the wrap -- rap against the sausage making progress is sometimes stuff that should not number there gets in there and everyone says, from stuff on the floor, to insects and you name it, and people say, it is a go thing you don't know because what happens behind the scenes is ugly which gets us back to washington and what happens is ugly. how do you assure people what happens behind your scene is not ugly? >>guest: we have a fairly open process and i invite chefs to come in and they occasionally do, and secondly, we are
4:45 pm
inspected each day by someone from the u.s. department of agriculture, and they have standards, sanitation, and labeling, and being clean, and i know that in my market, if i produce a product that has some problems with sanitation and someone is sick, i am out of business. i could say congress has in the gone out of business yet, and a lot of unsavory things have come out of congress from time to time. >>neil: that is a brilliant point. if you did a lot of the stuff and took the shortcuts you would lose customers. we have no choice when it comes to washington. thank you very much. >>guest: thank you for having me. >>neil: joe, go, the other alaska senator who says miller time is up.
4:46 pm
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>>neil: calls today for oh joe to go," saying it is time for joe miller to drop the legal challenge and results show that senator murkowski is the winner, but joe ain't going anywhere. he joins me by phone and we called his opponent and she was not available. joe, essentially what the senator is saying, give it up. you are not. why not? >>guest: that is one more voice say that and i would think alaska would want to make sure that the election upholds the integrity of the process. this is not about winning or losing. it is about making sure that the laws apply and the tainted legal standards that was applied after the election, is not allowed to
4:50 pm
rule the day. we have a a law to be followed and who knows what will end up as far as votes but that is important to alaska and i will fight. >>neil: you officially trailing by 10,000 votes and i know of the 10,000, something like 8,000 are you disputing, hard to prove, but say they were all thrown out and now we are down to 2,000, how do you make that up? can you make it up? what are you waiting for? >>guest: that is a great question. and that is one that i think people need to understand clearer that we really don't know what the total number of votes up disputed are between murkowski and i. a couple of things here, much more lenient standard in counting the votes for senator murkowski. she had a hand count and we had automatic point and undisputed more votes are counseled when a
4:51 pm
hand count is applied rather than automatic tally. automatic tally exclude ballots and that is in the hundreds at least and maybe throughs. we do not know. and in addition, there are a number of things that occurred during the process that disallowed us some challenge bowl -- ballots that should have been challenged so the uncontested number will go down if this standard applies and now we have time to repair. the lieutenant governor actually advanced the time for the count by over a week and that had a significant exact on our ability to do the review necessary. and what we had was a surplus. so, i think alaskans now expect a better process and if the court acts quickly we can get that underway and get the count done and alaskans can see where the race stands. >>neil: are you concerned as the other alaskan senator points
4:52 pm
out, that whatever your reasons, they could be perfectly justified, alaska stands a go likelihood now, of having just one senator for a while when the biggest issues of our time are being debated. >>guest: i guess the question becomes will the center vote be used to continue to grow government and continue earmarks and continue the fiscal destruction of the nation? frankly, i don't think we need that. but, getting more to the point i don't think anyone has proven that there will be adverse impact. hopefully this process can be resolved quickly and before january swearing in date. we tried to get this underway immediately and the second the written standards were announced, the next day, actually, we filed suit, and the lt. governor himself at a fresh conference during the count said that likely the issue of the standard would be resolved by the courts. so we have tried to move this
4:53 pm
along quickly and, again, what this is about is not personal ambition but it is about making sure legal standards are apply and about making sure that things done properly here in alaska. and well continue that. >>neil: and, ladies, i started something and this is really something. men of the world, two words. "man up." at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus
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4:57 pm
played the commercials showing the dufus dad and then let the viewing audience rip it up. how many of you are angry like me? this is you angry? >> i'm mad. >> neil: you're mad? you know what i'm talking about. >> absolutely. >> they make the men look like idiots. >> neil: they all do. >> it's a shame. i feel your rage, neil. >> neil: how about you, sweetie? >> i don't know. >> neil: you don't know? okay. how about you? >> um -- >> neil: see this is the problem. it starts like this. the women feel they have you speechless. is this your husband, boyfriend? >> husband. >> neil: are you okay with it, because she's okay? >> no, not really. >> neil: okay, we're going to start a christmas fight here. tell all the men in the world, man up! >> man up! >> neil: all right! well you know, even women were offended. mary in illinois -- "neil, i agree with you. impressionable children pick up on the attitude. time to show respect."
4:58 pm
judith in california -- >> neil: but not all women. samantha in new york writes -- >> neil: that was a low blow. to a guy who has had it with women like elena, he says --
4:59 pm
>> neil: alan, you're despicable and a wimp. and joint e-mail -- >> neil: all right, gentlemen. how is that for hopeless? if not now, when? guys, i say make a statement. to your lady, i want you to make it loud and make it clear. here is my advice. i want you to shout out loud the following -- respect us, or the next gips you get, ladies, will have a label that's seen on tv on it. and if that doesn't scare a guy, maybe a gift of processed meat and cheeses will. ladies you want to unload whipass on us, g


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